endy Bowman began her career as a professional muralist in 1998.  "I love to paint for children and babies.  My son, Bradley, continues to amaze and inspire me!  He reminds me of what it is to be a child seeing the beauty of the world for the first time."  Wendy paints murals in the greater Houston area.   Over the past few years, Wendy has been very busy with one exciting project after another!

Wendy's long list of clients include:

Word of Restoration Christian Fellowship
Children's Ministry, Pearland, TX

Kipling Street Academy, Houston, TX

The Learning Lane, The Woodlands, TX

Kids 'R' Kids, Katy, TX

Memorial Drive Elementary:
United States Exemplary School
Historical Enrichment Project
2001, 2002 & 2003
Letter from Dan Rather

Bentley Custom Homes:
The Bellaire New Homes Showcases
2003,2004,2005 & 2006

Houston Community College System:
Early Childhood Development Center

Texas Southern University:
Allee J. Mitchell Center on the Family
College Sports Facility Conference Rooms

Joee Shapiro School of Dance, Cypress, TX

Foundation Surgery Center, Dickinson, TX

Grace Lutheran Early Childhood Program, Conroe, TX

Salem Lutheran Early Childhood Center, Tomball, TX

Wendy's artwork has been featured in ePregnancy Magazine.

"I want to thank my family and friends for their ongoing support of my art, and a special thank you to each and all of my clients throughout my painting career!  Each of your unique and imaginative ideas came to life through my murals and you have truly been my motivational muse." 
~ Wendy Bowman
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