Here are some of my favorite guestbook entries that I have received from wonderful people over the years!  

Lisa Testa Monday, 9/4/06, 8:11 AM 
Hi Wendy, looking to have more done in the house. Your work is still the best. Thanks 
From: Montgomery, Texas 

Daisy C. Kyle Wednesday, 6/13/07, 9:01 PM 
Hi Wendy. I just wanted to commend you on doing such an excellent job in my daughter's room. The work speaks for itself but most of all I am so impressed with your promptness, reasonable wages, and dependability. I feel so fortunate to have found you and I look forward to working with you again. 
From: Houston, TX 

PC Monday, 9/10/07, 8:24 AM 
Thank you Wendy for doing an outstanding job in both of my bathrooms. You are really talented!! I will def be referring you to my friends and family. Thanks again! 
From: Houston 

nancy lacroix Sunday, 2/11/07, 5:09 PM 
love it love it love it! this is my dreamjob! Right now i'm doing a mural for my unborn child, i would love to do this for a living!!! must be so much fun! congratulation, it's beautiful! 
From: canada, quebec

Anni  Saturday, 3/25/06, 11:35 PM

I love your murals.  I am trying to get ideas on how to do a room for my niece.  Your work is so beautiful!   I really loved your Whale in the babies room.  Also, the princess room!  Keep up the wonderful work.  You are an inspiration to others! 

From:  Chatham, Illinois 

Pascale Vital-Desilier  Thursday, 1/12/06, 1:30 PM 

Dear Wendy:  It was a real pleasure visiting your website and I am honored to sign your Guest Book.  I will be relocating to Sugar Land, Texas with my family hopefully in March 2006 and would like to do a mural in my little princess bedroom as soon as we move in.  You are truly gifted and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.  Sincerely, Pascale 

From:  New York 

Lynne Bowers  Tuesday, 4/26/05, 2:48 PM 

You go girl, I loved your web site.  I am also an artist and I love doing children rooms.  I am praying about turning this love into a business.  If you have any good pointers for me please write me at the above address.. 

From:  Dalhart, Texas 

Kim Fair  Tuesday, 10/26/04, 10:34 AM 

Your work is AWESOME!!!!!  (and so are you).  Take care, Kim Fair 

From:  Spring, Texas 

Anthony De Leon  Wednesday, 9/22/04, 8:51 AM 

Just want to say very very beautiful work.  One day Il be there where youe at. .. Good job girl, Anthony 

From:  San Antonio, Texas 

Misty  Friday, 3/12/04, 6:19 PM 

You are a great artist Wendy!  Your artwork is extremely satisfying!  You have delightful designs and themes.  Thanks for spreading a wonderful talent! 

From:  Elizabeth City, North Carolina 

DeAnna  Wednesday, 11/12/03, 10:55 AM 

Visited your site to get baby room ideas.  The work you do has great detail, it looks amazing.  I would love to have you do my entire home.  Will get in touch w. you after the Holidays.

From:  Houston, Texas

Lydia  Tuesday, 2/8/05, 11:59 AM

I just love the murals on your site!  It has given me so many ideas, I can wait to try them.  You are truly gifted! 

From:  Tucson, Arizona

 Mimi  Friday, 6/11/04, 1:19 PM 

Hi Wendy and staff, You have created absolutely stunning rooms, it was really a treat for me to find you on the web, by chance!  Thank you for the inspiration and keep on creating beautiful art! :) 

From:  Isreal 

Emilie Starr  Thursday, 11/6/03, 10:40 AM 

I just want to say that you have such a great talent!  I am pregnant, and looking for ideas for my baby nursery.  Unfortunately, I live a long way from Houston, but I enjoyed viewing your website.  Thank you for sharing your inspiring work. 

From:  Jay, Vermont

Judy  Saturday, 5/24/03, 6:50 PM 

I love your pictures! I sure wish you could expand and come to the greater Austin area!  I impressed with the colors and the way that each room looks different.  With some artists, everything looks exactly the same, same boats, same lions etc  You are very diverse and its just fabulous.  Keep up the good work! :) 

From:  Cedar Park, Texas 

Kevin Cahoon  Sunday, 5/4/03, 3:47 PM 


From:  NYC 

Sarah Bridges   

Wendy, loved your website.  Your painting is awesome.  Any child (or parent) will be honored to have your work in their home. 

From:  San Antonio, Texas 

Lori Ann  Sunday, 4/1/01, 8:02 AM 

I think your artwork is unreal.  You do a great job. 

From:  Granby, Massachusetts 

Yvonne  Tuesday, 11/28/00, 10:41 AM 

I think you should write a book. 

From:  Redding, California  


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